Start-up. The world’s slowest roller-coaster.

Start-up. The world’s slowest roller-coaster.
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The image is of the slowest roller-coast in the world. You literally walk around it. It still gives you that scary feeling of being miles up in the air, but in slow-time. It is rather like a software start-up. Sadly great software, despite the claims you hear from some platform companies, cannot be built in minutes. Building beautiful, enterprise scale software takes months just to get the MVP (minimum viable product) out and then it is a longer term roadmap based on user feedback. This is not “botch-it and scarper”. The experience of building our previous enterprise software company which had awesome customer loyalty has taught us that patient persistence is a key asset. It is our job to make the software so beautifully compelling and easy to use that there is no barrier to adoption. We know what we need to do and we have exactly the right team on the case.

Excited and scared, but confident

Will it? Won’t it? Should we? Shouldn’t we? How much to invest? Where? When will we know? What will work? Who will it work for? Is MVP enough? Really? How much investment in the next round? When? With any new venture you have your dark moments, but the passion and excitement brightens them.

Just a few more weeks

When we launch in November it will be closed beta with a full launch in Jan. Only then we will discover if we are as good as we thought we were. I can’t wait for the feedback.