Implementation Lifecycle

 After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the overall lifecycle
  • Understand the key activities in each phase
  • Be able to evaluate the tools and training required to support each phase


This training sets out the key phases and the detailed steps in each phase. These are generic and not specific to any product, cloud, methodology, tools or approach.

Every consulting firm you meet with have their own methodology, terminology and talk about agile vs waterfall and code vs low-code vs no-code. These are are all nuances at a lower level inside the key phases.  So this is useful information whether you are on your own flying solo, working in an in-house team, or working alongside consultants.

Fun fact: I joined Accenture (called Arthur Andersen Management Consultants at the time) in 1986 and was given a binder called Method/1, their implementation methodology.  If I look at the key steps – 19 of them –  only 2 are not required with a cloud (Salesforce) implementation. 
The 4 (and extra training) phases are
ANALYZE: Capture requirements and then triage, validate and prioritize them. This is by mapping the operational business processes which will also identify new requirements.  Write user stories which are given to the development team.
BUILD: The development team take user stories and code / configure the solution. When it is fully tested it is ready to be released. As the solution is developed the impact of changes to other parts of the solution need to be assessed so nothing breaks when it is released. This is also the time for the new and changed metadata items to be documented.
DELIVER: The fully tested solution is ready to go live. External data may need to be loaded. Then all the changes need to be released from the Sandbox into Production. This may need to be coordinated with releases of interfaces.
OPERATE: To drive up user adoption you need to monitor the performance and adoption of the solution, but also measure the team and processes’ productivity. You need to capture feedback to understand provide in-app training or improve the existing training.
CLEANUP: You have just inherited an Org as a Business Analyst, Admin or Consultant.  What have you got yourself into?  How to do a n Org Health check, quick clean up wins and then a deep clean.


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