8. WHY: Adding documentation to Salesforce customizations

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect existing the documentation to a node in an Org Model
  • Understand how to create new documentation and link to an Org Model

Step 3. WHY

Adding documentation to the Org Model

The DOCUMENTATION tab in the Org Model is where you can add documentation. This can be notes, URL links, Data Tables (metadata on metadata), process diagrams and requirements. It can also be tags.

Click on your Org model browser tab if already open (or click on “Salesforce Orgs” in left panel in the mail Elements App) – and open your Salesforce Org model.

Attaching documentation to Ref and Org Model nodes

There are a number of different attachments that can be linked to and Org and Ref model and used as documentation:

  • notes; rich text notes
  • URL Library Links; a link from the URL Library
  • data tables; extend any object with metadata using Data Tables
  • images; photos, screenshots or scans

You can also document the context of the change by adding:

  • business requirements
  • user stories

These are not covered in this trail. For now we want to focus on the straight forward Documentation links.

In the right panel select the DOCUMENTATION tab and then click on Add documentationYou can also right-click on a node and add documentation from the context menu.

So now do this in your model:

In the Org Model, open the tree to Objects, Standard Objects, and select the Opportunity Object. Then add the following documentation

  • A note
  • 2 URL links

      1. Elements Support page

     2. Salesforce Lightning Resources Page

  • The “Lightning Migration” Data Table, and 2 records
  • An image, photo, screenshot
  • Add 3 Tags: LEX,  Reviewed,  Winter19

In the Org Model, for the Opportunity Object, rollover the process link you attached in the DOCUMENTATION tab. See what you get.

In the Org Model, for the Page Layout: Opportunity Layout, add the following documentation:

  • A note
  • 2 URL links

       1. Salesforce – Add new opportunity screen (find the URL)
2. Salesforce Help: Page layouts in Lightning (use this URL)

  • The  “Salesforce Lightning Migration” Data Table, and add 1 record
  • An image/screenshot of the page layout
  • 1 Tag: LEX
  • Add a comment, reply to it and resolve it. (yes you can reply to your own 🙂 )
  • Add another comment

Now run a Data Table report

  • Click on the report icon in the top bar
  • Select Data Table report
  • Select the Salesforce Lightning Migration” Data Table
  • the report runs in background and the report icon in the top bar will get a red circle and there will be an on-screen prompt when the report has run
  • open the report
  • drag a column heading into the top bar to group
  • click on a column heading to sort
  • filter the report using a value in a column



1.    What is documentation?

A.  Anything that describes what or why a Salesforce item has been customized

B.  Specifications held by the consultants that configured Salesforce

C.  Linked files stored in cloud storage (Box.com, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Quip)

2.   Who can see and edit documentation on an Org Model node?

A.  Only Editors can add to the DOCUMENTATION tab

B.  Free Viewers can collaborate on the COMMENTS tab

C.  Without edit or view right, users cannot even see the Org Model exists

3.   Where is documentation stored?

A.  In the cloud

B.  Notes, images, processes and requirements are inside Elements. URL linked documents in cloud storage

C.  We don’t need documentation, we have Salesforce


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