6. HOW: mapping your business processes

Learning Objectives

 After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Copy an example process map
  • Edit a process diagram to add new activities
  • Add links and attachments

Step 1. HOW

We have provided a top level process map you can copy, that has a drill down to the opportunity process diagram.

Copying the example process map

Log into Elements.cloud

The process map is called 14 DAY TRIAL and it is in the Examples Maps Space.  You need to switch to this Space by clicking on Spaces in the left panel. Select Example Process Maps. At the top of the screen you should see Current Space : Example Process Maps

Click on Processes in left panel and find the 14 DAY TRIAL map in the list.

Highlight the map   -click on the grey bar, not on the blue name which would open it – and click Copy Map in the right hand panel.

Note that you can edit the name of the copied map, and select the Space you want to copy it into. This is the Salesforce Documentation Space which was created by your Trial QuickStart.

It takes only a few seconds. When completed, a notification appears on the screen and a record is shown on the notifications bell icon (right of top bar).

You will still be in the Example Process Maps Space, so will need to change the Space back to your Salesforce Documentation Space before you move on to the next step.

Editing process diagrams

We have created a short training on drawing diagrams. Watch this 9 minute video.

So – first making sure you’re in the correct Space (Salesforce Documentation Space – if that’s where you copied the map!). Note: You can always see “Current space” left of the top bar.

  • Open the 14 DAY TRIAL process map you have copied. It will open up on the top level diagram.
  • Navigate from the top level to the process diagram that describes the Opportunity lifecycle by clicking on the appropriate “drill-down” corner.
  • Switch to Edit mode and add a new process step called “Review proposal
  • Create input to it from step 2 with text ”Over $50k”, and output back to step 2 with text “Approved”.
  • Add a resource to the process step “Sales Exec”.
  • Add a note and an image to the process step called “Review proposal
  • Add a new sticky note, add some text and change the color to green.

(if you’re having trouble carrying out these steps, watch the video again and/or right click on this link and “open in new tab” to go through the full article so you don’t lose your place in this trail).


1.    How do you create folders to store maps and diagrams?

A.  Go to New Folder in the top bar

B.  You create a map and structure your diagrams as drill downs from activity boxes at the map top level. The diagram hierarchy is your folder structure

C.  You store diagrams on your hard drive

2.   How many ways are there to create a process activity box on the drawing canvas?

A.  1

B.  2

C.  3

3.   Process mapping is used for:

A.  Getting shared agreement on a process

B.  Helping you get a better understanding about what to configure in Salesforce

C.  Proving to a user that what they just asked for is already supported by Salesforce

4.  Sharing diagrams is done by: 

A. Printing to PDF and emailing the file

B. Emailing the unique URL of the diagram

C. Clicking on the SHARE button at the top of the diagram



NEXT Unit 7 : WHAT: Relating business processes to Salesforce customizations (15 mins)