1. Joining the Elements Partner Program

If you are a consultant working for a company that is already an Elements Partner, then skip to Unit 3 – Understand how to navigate the Org Model and use the analytics

Learning Objectives

 After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the benefits a Partner gets
  • Register to become a partner

The Elements Consulting Partner Program

At Elements.cloud we are focused on developing intuitive, compelling and insanely valuable software. We are not building a professional services team. So that is why we are committed to building and supporting a vibrant consulting partner program.

We also understand that you do not want to sell software to your clients. You want to have that can enhance your client offerings, reduce project risks and improve your productivity. Elements.cloud should not get in the way of your client relationship or delay a project start. As well as helping you deliver even more valuable work and leaving clients with an additional asset, it should open up doors and help you close deals faster.

We don’t believe you should be recommending Elements.cloud to your clients if you have not experienced and believe in the benefits. When you join the Partner program you get unlimited use of an Elements Catalyst Pro Space for your internal operational use and for demonstrating to clients.

Finally, we want to reward you for introducing us to new clients, so we offer a referral percentage the revenue that results from your recommendation, for the life of that client.

There is no cost to join the Elements Partner Program, but we do expect your consultants to have mastered the basics i.e. completed this trail.

3 simple steps to joining Elements Partner Program

To register:

1. The Primary Partner representative needs to be an Elements.cloud user. Registering is free.  The Elements username is the email address.

2. Complete the online Partner Application Form.

3. Once we process the form (normally within 24 hours) you will be sent a welcome email which contains information about how you add your Partner Directory entry, and it also has your Partner Order ID, so you can get referral commissions from customer sales.

That was simple.


NEXT Unit 2 – Setting up your Elements environment and your Partner ID (10 mins)