1. Importance and benefits of Business Analysis

 After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why business analysis is a core skill
  • Discover the different ways it can help you get control of your Org
  • Learn how to develop your career

BENEFIT #1: Keeping out of OrgConfessions.com

#1 root cause on OrgConfessions.com is poor business analysis. It causes more of the confessions than any other issue. And there is no training on Trailhead for business analysis. Which is why we created this training.


BENEFIT #2: Engaging end users

When end users come to you with a change request you need to be able to question them to understand what they really need. This may be different from what they think they want, or from how they want you to deliver it. Without the skills to analyze their problem you are an “Admin Order Taker”. You implement the changes they want, no matter how badly thought through and architected they are. And you will live with these for as long as you are an Admin of that Org. But you want to be able to engage them to understand their needs. Business analysis skills are the skills you need.

BENEFIT #3: Clearer requirements = better apps = increased adoption

What the end user wants is a business result. Separating that from a solution is important. You also need to dig into enough detail that you have considered the implications and all the angles. Only then can you write crisp, unambiguous user stories that the configuration/development team need to be able to build the app the users need. Business analysis done well, massively increases speed to delivery and also overall adoption.

BENEFIT #4: Saying “No” by saying “Yes”

Someone comes you you with a request. They even think they know exactly how you should implement it. But they have the narrow perspective of their use case. They don’t care about the implications it could have on other users. Inside your head you are screaming “No” but the person is senior and demanding. Business analysis is a great way of saying “No” by saying “Yes”.  You say “Yes, but help me understand how your request changes the operational processes”.

BENEFIT #5: Career development / $$$$

You get paid more based on the size of the problems you solve. Trailhead gives a view of the average salaries, and Business Analysts earn more than Admins. But more importantly, business analysis skills are a core skill required by Architects and Consultants.



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