2 weeks to go to Beta

2 weeks to go to Beta

We can’t wait. It is really great to see all the pieces coming together after all the months of planning and development. The Elements software will be available as beta at 12 noon PCT on 29th February.

Webinar Overview

We will run two webinars to demo the software and talk about the roadmap for March and beyond on Thurs 25th Feb. (8am PCT – 16:00 UK time) and (12noon PCT – 20:00 UK time)


The plan is to start driving the messaging and engagement out to the market from April 4th, when you have had the beta software in your hands for a month and we have been able to openly engage with founding Partners and early adopting customers. We know teams that will be starting work on Process Knowledge on 29th Feb – so work away or play – we’ll leave that to you! The infrastructure is fully production-ready from day 1 and online support is available.

Even with our limited conversations over recent weeks, every time we talk to people we are getting confirmation that we are focusing on the right things. The level of feedback, ideas and engagement is inspiring. There is clearly a burning need for an affordable way to capture, share and improve Process Knowledge within organisations in a clearer, simpler and more collaborative way.

Excitement is building

Based on early software demos some of the reactions are worth sharing:

“It pains me to say this as an analyst, but I cannot find anything to pick you up on.”

“Free? What, all of that for free? Seriously, dude. Can’t wait.” (tech player in Salesforce.com space)

“So, so, excited. There are so many projects I can use Elements on.” (Consulting practice)

“Having seen this and knowing it exists, I can’t imagine running our business without it. Can’t wait for the beta, we’ll be using it from day 1” (100 person engineering company)

“Over the next couple of years, you will know what it feels like to be a mosquito on the tip of a rocket.” (Independent ex-analyst in BPM space)

Word of mouth is king

Word of mouth is our most important and effective route to growth. We recognise you won’t recommend us to people you know unless you believe that Elements is fit for purpose. The beta period is intended for you to use the software and think about who this would be relevant for. Inviting is easy. You can simply forward a personalised link to anyone and when they click to register, the system will track the introduction.

If you want to be a Partner: what you need to do

Our Partner ecosystem is vital to our mission of making work easier faster and more valuable for millions of people. Whether you are only looking to provide value adding services, or be involved and earn commission from helping to develop and close opportunities, make sure that you are talking to me so that you are included in all partner communications as we approach launch.

All active Partners will be visible on the Elements Partner Directory. We are starting to populate this site which will be publically available from April 4th. I’m responsible for managing engagement with our Partner community so if you have questions or are interested in working with us, contact me.

Email Richard Parker

What are the plans for integrating 3rd party Apps and exports/imports?

Elements is a platform with open APIs. This means our Partners or customers can write 3rd party apps that connect with the Elements data securely and safely. It also means that imports or exports from a variety of formats and tools can be created and supported over time.

Examples of 3rd party apps people have discussed with us are:

import or export maps (specific products or XML exchange formats)
embedding process knowledge content into portals or apps (Salesforce, SharePoint, SAP)
building branded viewers for customer or partner facing process knowledge
integrations with other applications.
Over time we expect to provide a portfolio of add-on apps from Partners rather like the AppExchange that Salesforce has developed.

Email success@elements.cloud

This is the beginning of a journey and we look forward to sharing it with you. I’m sure you will have questions. Feel free to contact me

All the best,


email – Richard Parker