Why Slack is so successful

Why Slack is so successful

slack logo[READ TIME: 15 mins]

The memo linked below was sent to the team at Tiny Speck, the makers of Slack, on July 31st, 2013. It had been a little under seven months since development began and was two weeks before the launch of Slack’s ‘Preview Release’.

It is worth reading in its entirety. It beautifully sets out what the team should be focusing on and sets a very high bar for them to achieve. It will probably be looked back on as the pivotal leadership email in the history of Slack. It summarises the issues we had (and somewhat solved) in getting widespread adoption at Nimbus and the challenges we will face again at Q9 ELEMENTS.

Slack got it right and the numbers speak for themselves; 350k users, 25x growth, $1 billion valuation….. and growing daily.

I encourage anyone who is leading an innovative start-up to read, ponder and then reread the memo below. And then craft your own version and get your teams to read it.


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